Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Windows Live Writer

I never thought that I would get into all this ‘blogging’ but I keep getting sucked in with all of these great app’s and plugins for Blogger. 

Windows Live Writer is currently one of these tools that has my attention.  Normally Microsoft doesn’t have a lot of additional features or plugins to their software but WLW is definitely an exception. 

For example, I just downloaded and installed 10 plugins ranging from an app that makes your images look like an old Polaroid pic to an app that lets you paste Visual Studio code (with formatting and highlights) straight into your blog.

So with that being said, here is a damn pic that is supposed to look like the aforementioned Polaroid… 
There you go, beautiful isn’t it!  Winking smile Oh and if you are wondering why the pic is ‘tilted’ a lil’ bit - its because I like living life on the edge.  (Or I just set the rotation setting in the plugin to .4 degrees)

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